"Unexpectantly" Expectant...

     My baby boy isn't a baby anymore!  I'm packing his stuff for college and wondering where the 18 years went?  I remember the night I discovered that I was unexpectantly expectant with him!  A close friend was visiting and we did our pregnancy tests at the same time.  Neither of us got the results we thought we wanted.  OK, I decided…. I can do this… as long as its another girl!  My mothering experience had convinced me that a boy = hard and a girl = easy! “Easy was just about all I thought I could handle at the time!  Id have to hold my breath until the 16 week ultrasound.  Forget the sweet surprise of delivery!  If I was carrying a boy, Id need the rest of the pregnancy to prepare for the hard path Id envisioned ahead. 

You already know what the ultrasound found.  I cried like a little baby!  I look back now and am embarrassed by my absolute lack of faith.  I was a twenty-something year old mom who was convinced that I knew what was best for ME!  It was the first of many lessons in how much better Gods best is than my own!  William Ryan McCary has proven since the day he was born that little boys are one of the sweetest gifts the Lord can give a Mommy like me!  Anyone that knows me, knows what a tender place in my heart Ryan holds.  My world wouldnt be the same without him, and I am so very grateful that the Lord doesnt always give me exactly what I think I want, so that He can give me His very best instead!

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