Happy Birthday Rachel!

June 28, 2011-  Rachel is 7 years old today!  This is the LAST birthday that she will spend alone without a family to celebrate her precious life!  But it is also the FIRST birthday for her to learn that she has a mommy and daddy (and brothers and sisters too!) that are coming to take her home!  A package arrived at the orphanage with Rachel's name on it today... complete with a new dress, barbies, a pillow pal, lip glosses, jewelry, and most important ~ a photo album filled with pictures of her new home and FOREVER FAMILY!  Someone was kind enough to snap some pictures of this occasion for us a half a world away!  You'd have thought it was my birthday when I discovered them in my inbox a few days later!  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!
This is your new family!

Oh, my beautiful daughter ~  We'll be there soon and we'll celebrate together!

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