Sisters and Best Friends!

I admit it... I was worried!  For the first few months that Ellie was home, she and Kate were anything BUT best friends.  Simply put... Kate didn't like the competition!  She obviously enjoyed being the center of attention in our home for a year and a half and who would blame her?  But the companionship and friendship that I'd hoped for the two of them, didn't look too promising at first!  Thankfully, it didn't take long before Kate figured out that there was enough love to go around and she gave up the "fight".  Now they are almost literally connected at the hip ~ inseparable ~ twins in every way except the 10 months that separate them.  And if you don't look twice you will think they ARE twins!  We are asked several times every day if they are twins... It didn't take long before they'd answer the questions themselves - "NO!  Ten months apart!" (in perfect unison, I might add!)  God knew when He created these precious that they were indeed sisters and even better... BEST FRIENDS!


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  1. This post is food for this Mama's soul! I love it...and can't wait for the day when my set of sisters are best friends too!! Your two look SO much alike to me! Precious!!


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