Oh, but it get's better!!!

...Recently another adoptive mom was in Shanghai to adopt her 4 year old daughter.  Her little girl also has CHD, so I had "met" her online.  She is a sister in the Lord, and God really used her blog to encourage me along my journey to Rachel.  I've not even met her in person, but while she was in Shanghai visiting the orphanage with her new daughter, she gave me one of the sweetest gifts I've ever received...  She told the orphanage staff that she wanted to meet Rachel and take some photos of her for her new Mommy back home. The director pulled Rachel out of her classroom and my sweet "friend" got to love on her, snap some photos of her, and tell her that her mommy and daddy were coming for her very soon!  Before she left, Rachel sang a song especially for us and she captured it all on film!  What a gift to see our precious little girl again!  Next time, I will be there in person to finally wrap her in my arms and welcome her into her forever family!  Hang on Rachel... we're coming!!!

And finally... Rachel performing a special song for her new Mommy and Daddy!

Oh...and lest I forget!  Before they left the room, they noticed Rachel looking at herself in front of the mirror!  Be still my beating heart!  Where's my epidural??

All thanks to Elaine Horton for making this post possible... and for making this Mommy VERY happy!


  1. Thank you so much for the comment on my blog! I just read your "sisters" post and it was food for the soul! All 3 of your girls are absolutely precious! The 2 at home look so much alike!! And you're right...they have the same "look" as Gracie Joy. Can't wait to follow your journey to your next daughter!!

  2. What a gift! I will be praying for safe travel. Rachel is going to bring joy into your lives. I can feel the strong love you have for her. Blessings! Joy Meyer


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