Joy - Joy - Joy!

I can't let this opportunity pass without sharing some of my favorite photos of our precious Ellie's first year home... The caption for every snapshot of our lives since bringing her home could be "Joy - Joy - Joy"!  It overflows from her and is contagious!  She is a tender, tender soul and so eager to please.  What a precious gift she is to our family!

Go Woodlands!!

"Uncle" Larry and "Aunt" Leigh

Getting to know Mamaw!

Christmas Tree Farm - Ellie's 1st Christmas!

We found one! 

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  1. I am LOVING reading about the girls!!!!!

    And as I sit here and look at these two girls I'm just SURE that Kate and Hudson need to have a prearranged marriage! Can you imagine the beautiful babies they'd make? : )

    I just had a couple tell me again today (for the 3rd time) that if for any reason we decide that we don't want Hudson when we get home, they would be HAPPY to have him! He has melted the hearts of them all!

    Love you,
    Thanks for being here for me. I could not have done this without you.
    And in 3 weeks it's my turn. : )
    Can't wait!!


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