A miracle in motion!

Anyone familiar with the world of Chinese adoptions these days, knows that it has become a S...L...O...W process!  Doug and I were incredibly spoiled when we began the adoption journey with Kate in 2004.  We jumped into the process at the precise time that adoptions of non-special needs children took less time than at any other time before or since!  From the first piece of adoption paper work until walking through our front door with our new daughter was only 10 months!!!  Yes... we broke all records getting our dossier together in only 6 weeks, but only waited 5 months for the referral of a healthy baby girl!  Unbelievable! (just ask my friend Stacy!)  Then, when we joined the special needs process with Ellie in January 2006, we sped through at incredible speed again and had her home exactly 5 months after we began...  This is so unbelievable that I am almost embarrassed to admit it here!

Then... we found our precious Rachel... and, quite honestly, I'd rather stand in line with everyone else and expect to bring her home late this year or early next...  But she's waited so long... and her heart can't wait much longer!  That means that this is not a race against any adoption timeline, but against time itself!  Our agency (GWCA) has been beyond incredible and done everything humanly possible to get Rachel home quickly!  This is no easy task these days, as the American "red tape" has complicated matters so much... In the end, all glory goes to our God, who loves Rachel more than we can imagine and has once again made what seemed impossible-  POSSIBLE!  This has been a miracle in motion~  Look and see!...

April 18 ~ Found Rachel... said YES!
April 20 ~ Applied with GWCA
April 22 ~ LOI sent to China (what a "Good Friday"!)
April 26 ~ PA for Rachel
April 27 ~ Began Home Study
May 11 ~ Home Study draft complete (waiting for 7 state background checks!  urg!!!)
May 25 ~ Home Study complete!
May 26 ~ submitted I800A
June 11 ~  Fingerprint appointment letter!
June 13 ~ Fingerprints
June 14 ~ I797!!!
June 24 ~ DTC
July 5 ~ LID
August 11 ~ LOA
August 12 ~ I800 Approval!
August 19 ~ NVC letter to Guangzhou
August 25 ~ Article 5 to CCCWA
Sept 6 ~ TA!! 
Sept 8 ~ Bound for China! (What a special day... Kate's 8th birthday and Referral Day - 7 yrs ago!)
Sept 13 ~ Gotcha Day!
Sept 20 ~ CA
Sept 21 ~ Rachel's coming HOME!

During our "paper chase" I found this video of Rachel, taken by an adoption agency doing a "camp" at her orphanage... What a treasure!... and motivation to HURRY!  :-)

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  1. God is moving you through at lightning speed! Proverbs 21:1, “The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD; He directs it like a watercourse wherever He pleases.”

    What a treasure that video is of Rachel! =)

    God bless you all!


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