A Letter to my daughter in China...

September 6, 2004- We expect Kate's referral from China tomorrow!  How appropriate that this should occur the day after "Labor" Day!  I decided to write a letter to Kate to tell her the thoughts of my heart and my prayers for her precious life...

     Today is "Labor" Day- literally!  We expect word about you from China tomorrow!... Your name, your birthday, where you are... pictures of you... I absolutely cannot wait to finally "meet" this little girl that has long captured my heart and consumed nearly every thought for 9 months!  How I love you already and how I have prayed for you!  Surely God formed you and knew you would be ours since the beginning of time!  Words can't express how grateful I am to know that is true. God planted the seed of you in my heart when I was just a young girl myself.  All these years I've dreamed of you more times than I can tell.  You are God's gift to me!  Tomorrow that gift will finally have a name and a face!  I so wanted to sit down and write you a letter before the excitement of tomorrow to tell you how very much I love you!... to tell you how very wanted you are!  You are the fulfillment of my lifelong dream... A gift I never imagined myself worthy of!
     I have so many dreams for you too, Kate!  First and most importantly, that you would love the Lord with all of your heart and that you would live for Him.  I have prayed for you so often over the last several months while we've been waiting... I've asked one thing from the Lord~ that you would have a tender, tender heart for Jesus... even now, before you fully understand His deep love for you!  I pray, too, that He would burden your heart for your homeland of China and especially for you own mother.  What an incredible lady she must be Kate, to have given you the gift of life and then for reasons I don't understand, to have had the unbelievable grief in leaving you so that you could have a life she couldn't provide.  How she must have adored you!  My heart breaks that she had to let go of you in order for me to embrace you.  I pray that you would know above everything that God knew your name before you were even born and He had a beautiful plan for your life!  Know, too, that this "mommy" is so, so very glad that part of God's plan for you included me!!!
     I love you Katherine Grace and am counting the moments until I can hold you in my arms and bring you home to your "forever family".

                                                                                        Your Mommy

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  1. Ahhh this one made me cry! I love Kate's letter, you are an amazing mom :)


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