My Family

If you're a frequent reader of my blog, you might think that my family consists only of me, Doug, and our three Chinese Princesses!  But the 5 of us presently living at home are what we commonly refer to as our Phase #2 Family!  Our family actually began almost 25 years ago with the birth of our son, Russ.  Our daughter, Sarah, followed 3 years later, and then Ryan completed Phase #1 with his arrival 18 years ago!  Our journey through parenting has been rich, but we'd be the first to admit that it has been the most challenging adventure of our lives thus far.  Even so, we have found our greatest joys within the walls of our home, as we watch our beautiful children grow in their knowledge and love for Christ and then leave our home to spread His Good News!   You may not believe this, but I actually DID say that I was "done" after the birth of Ryan!... then after the adoption of Kate...  and then Ellie... and now Rachel...  Only God knows the "final count" of our numbers!  As for me... I wouldn't have imagined that I would be Mom to 6!  But I LOVE it and consider it the highest calling of my life!  I've been thinking these days that maybe 7 is the perfect number!!!  :-)

God added beautiful "daughter-in-love", Stephanie, to our family this year!  She is the answer to so many years of prayers for our Russ!  Our lives wouldn't be the same without her!  Here we are together on Christmas Eve 2011.

This was our last Family Photo Session before our older children began flying from our nest and building their own...  These days it would take a miracle to get the whole crew together, so this is a photo I especially treasure!

Here's Russ and Steph leaving their wedding ceremony as husband and wife on March 18, 2011

This is one of the most recent photos I could find of me and my oldest daughter, Sarah!  She is a singer/ songwriter and lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, Kyle.

Here's my "baby boy", Ryan.  He's working toward a degree in Digital Media at UCF in Orlando, but plans to be a Special Tactics Officer for the U.S. Air Force.  This means he loves jumping out of airplanes and crazy things like that!  He's already survived 4 jumps and absolutely LOVES IT!


  1. Hey, this is really good to read. Russ is now married, Sarah is now Married, Ryan is now in a scary uniform, the kids are grown.... Wow! The McCary clan is growing bigger and bigger and bigger... God bless. Boniface from Nairobi

  2. Really enjoyed reading all the news and seeing the pics. Praying for you and your ministry, Doug's travels, and all 6 of your precious children. Praying for hearts to be changed in the lives of those you know and encounter -- in any and all ways, physically and spiritually as needed! Love you! Marilyn at CBC


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