"Forever After"

In an attempt to document Kate's story in a format she might understand, I wrote it in the form of a child's book entitled "Forever After".  Following is that story with my favorite photos from Kate's adoption journey attached~

Forever After

Once upon a time, (September 8, 2003)
in a land far, far away...

...a beautiful princess was born.

Her rosy cheeks and dark almond eyes
made her the fairest princess in all the land.

Her mommy had never been so happy...
nor had she ever been so sad.
She knew that she could not take care of the princess 
the way one needs to care for such a princess.

So early one morning before the sun rose over the village,
she awoke the princess, 
dressed her in a clean, blue shirt,
and wrapped her in a red blanket fit for royalty.

After tearfully kissing her on both cheeks 
and in that special place between her almond eyes
one last time,
she placed the princess near the center of the village,
where she was sure to be found at sunrise.

She hid nearby, 
not taking her eyes off her beautiful princess.
She would stay
and make sure that someone kind and good found her.

Only moments had passed before a kind villager
noticed the beautiful princess lying there.

"Why," she said, 
"this is no place for a princess!
I will take you to a special place where they
will care for you until your new royal
family can be found!"

When the nannies there saw how incredibly
delicate and beautiful the princess was,
they named her Meng Hua~
Dream Flower.

Somehow they knew that this precious flower
would be a dream come true for a 
very lucky royal family.

The princess lived there for fourteen months.
She had many friends
 and the nannies were very kind.

But the princess wanted one thing
more than any other thing...
She wanted a mommy and daddy of her own!

Every night the little "Dream Flower" drifted off 
to a dreamy sleep and dreamed of the day
when they would come and take her
to a new castle far away.

Across the ocean,
in a land far, far away lived a Mommy and Daddy.
They also dreamed in their dreamy sleep every night.

They, too, wanted one thing 
more than any other thing...
They wanted a baby princess to call their own.

After many long years of dreaming and waiting,
happy news finally arrived from China!
A princess had been born and was waiting for her
new royal family to be found.

They wrote letters to the King of the land
where the princess lived and begged him...
"Please, please, Sir!"
"May we adopt Princess Meng Hua as our own?"
"We promise to love her and care for her
the way one needs to care for such a princess!"

On the tenth day of the tenth month, 
in the year 2004,
an edict was issued and permission granted
to that mommy and daddy far away to come and
adopt Princess Meng Hua as their own.

That mommy had never been so happy...
nor had she ever been so sad.
The journey to China was long.
She could hardly bear another moment without 
holding her new princess in her arms.

Finally, after many long, long weeks,
they arrived in China to take their princess home.

When the princess awoke that majestic morning,
she had no idea what awaited her!

The nannies bathed her and dressed her in a clean,
new outfit and beautiful red shoes fit for royalty.
After tearfully kissing her on both cheeks
and in that special place between her almond eyes,
they said "Goodbye"...

One of the King's finest men was sent to escort her
to the Office of Royal Affairs,
where her new family was waiting ever so
impatiently to meet her.

The day they had all waited a lifetime for
had finally arrived!

Before the Princess even knew what was happening,
she was being placed into the arms of her waiting mommy.

She was not nearly as afraid as she expected 
she might be at this moment...

...maybe because she had dreamed of this moment
every dreamy night she could remember

...or maybe it was the way her new mommy
kissed her on both cheeks and in that special place
between her almond eyes for the first time and said
"I love you, little princess!"
"You are forever mine!"

She was not sure why, but she didn't care.
The beautiful princess was happy...
happier than she ever remembered being before!

She had a forever mommy and daddy at last!
Together, the three began their long journey 
to her new royal home.

On the day of her arrival,
many friends gathered for this most royal occasion,
to welcome the princess home.

Everyone was bursting with excitement,
but no one as much as the princess herself.

This was even better than her dreamy dreams...
She had brothers and a sister in her new royal family!
She could not contain herself 
from letting out the most joyful laughter
ever heard in the Kingdom!

Never has there been,
nor will there ever be,
a happier celebration than on that day!

Late that night, 
after all of the day's celebrations ended,
the princess was rocked to sleep by her new mommy.

Just before laying her down to her dreamy sleep,
she kissed her on both of her cheeks
and in that special place between her almond eyes.

"We love you, little princess," she said.
"You, our little flower, are a dream come true!"
"You are home at last!"

And, as you might imagine,
the little Chinese princess lived with her family~
happily, forever after!

The End

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