"It's a girl!"

     Three words that would forever change the world... at least mine!  "It's a girl!"  I'd imagined at least a million times what those three words would sound like to a heart so packed with little girl dreams, I could hardly contain them...  Labor was fast and furious and I didn't even have time for the epidural I'd planned to "enjoy" this occasion!  I remember small snippets of it all... the painful contractions that I'd obviously forgotten about somewhere between #1 and #2... comments between Doug and my best friend/ photographer ("Do you think she's in transition?")... being told that I was crazy when I said that I thought I needed to push now...  hearing myself scream for the doctor when I realized there was no one there to catch the baby I was now "in-voluntarily" pushing out...  rejoicing when the doctor showed up in a suit and tie- straight from church... It's all kind of a blur!

     But time stood still on February 3, 1991 at 12:44 PM in New Bern, North Carolina when Dr Hahn finally uttered the three words I'd dreamed of my entire life... "IT'S A GIRL!"   Doug actually saw "it" before I did!  (How did he manage being first to know this too?)  She was delicate and beautiful,... perfectly "pink" and she was MINE!  And I was right!  The world has never been the same since Sarah Elizabeth McCary came into it!

     Late that night I found it impossible to sleep!  I simply couldn't bear to take me eyes off of her!  I pulled her little glass bassinet as close to the edge of my bed as I could possibly get it... and I stared at her!  I'd been waiting for this moment for so long!  Now, in my quiet hospital room, long after everyone else had gone to sleep, I was memorizing every little crook and curve of my precious baby's body, the curl of her ear and her soft, blonde hair, every single finger, and every single toe, her fingernails, and her rose petal lips... she was perfect!  And as I memorized everything about her.... I prayed.  I wept with deep gratefulness the emotions that words could not possibly express and I gave the Lord this beautiful, incredible gift back!...to be molded by Him and to be used by Him for his glory!   And then, strangely, I prayed for something I hadn't really thought of before... I asked the Lord to give her a beautiful voice that she could glorify HIM with...   The Lord has answered those prayers in so many wonderful ways!

     My "baby girl" is now 20 years old!  She's brought such absolute joy to so many of my days and has been a special friend through difficult times...  and now... she lives in Nashville, Tennessee where she writes and sings songs to proclaim God's glorious Truth!  The Lord is faithful and hears the cry of our hearts for our children!   ( Proof of this beautiful answered prayer can be found at www.sarahmccary.com ! )

    Truly daughters are one of God's most special gifts and I am so grateful that He shared such a treasure with ME!!!

"For this child I prayed, and the Lord has given me my petition which I asked of Him.  So I have also dedicated her to the Lord; as long as she lives she is dedicated to the Lord."   
  1 Samuel 1: 27-28 

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