Thoughts of her mother...

My precious Rachel,
     As I look at your beautiful face and the smile that lights up our world, I can't help but think of the mother that gave you life.  When she wrapped your sick little body in a blanket, tucked you safely into that basket, and forced herself to climb aboard that bus to ride away from her baby girl... could she have imagined where you would be tonight? Half a world away... still hanging on to life and to love and to all the happiness that each moment brings, almost 7 years later!  

I want her to know!  I pray she knows... that you are loved... that you are tucked safely into your bed tonight, surrounded by a family that is absolutely crazy about you... that you are covered in prayer by people from one side of this globe to the other... all believing that your precious life is worth fighting for... all willing to move heaven and earth to give you a chance at life...  

I am begging God to grant you the miracle your heart needs, so that we can spend many, many happy moments with you here, before we enter all He has promised forever!   But tonight, my heart is heavy for the mother that gave you life!  I long for her to share my joy in all God's answers for her little girl...  to know that her sorrow was not in vain... to know that you are very much alive... and so immeasurably loved! 

My message to your precious mother would be this...(click play to listen!)

Looking to Him for LIFE!



  1. Precious! What a sweet blessing Rachel is, and what a sweet blessing you are to Rachel.

    Praying continuously....

  2. Beautiful! Oh, how our adoptive momma hearts hurt for the birth mom's hearts and we are thankful that they gave their babies life! It blows my mind to see this picture of your little one and how much she resembles our Lia. Take a look at this "hat" photo and see what you think -!

    Praying for healing!


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