"He heals the broken hearted...

                    and binds up their wounds"

"Go home!"  If Rachel said it once, she said it a million times this morning...  You'd have thought it was Christmas morning by the look on her face when she woke up... She knew today was supposed to be the day and she expected it as soon as her head popped off that pillow this morning!  Little did she know that the "powers that be" at Shands Hospital were not in as much a hurry to get her home as she was!  So we waited... and we waited... and we waited some more!  And with every moment we waited Rachel's countenance fell a little.  Dr Bleiweis came by the room to tell us good-bye and to have a promised photo made with Rachel.  We chatted with him, thanking him profusely for the incredible gift of hope he had given us, while Rachel waited, ever so impatiently.   God chose to use Dr Bleiweis as a huge part of her healing and we want her to grow up knowing about him and the wonderful people that cared so much and worked so hard to bring her hope.  Somehow I wanted Rachel to understand what she so obviously did not!  She was beginning to appear down right depressed!  A few minutes later, we learned through a translator that Rachel thought that Dr Bleiweis had come to tell us that we could not go home... this brought sad, sad tears... poor, sweet baby!..  She wants "HOME" and everything that means, so desperately!

Finally, finally the happy news was delivered to Rachel that the moment she'd been waiting for had arrived!  She looked at us as if she couldn't believe it!  She was so excited, she was giddy with delight!  And for the two hours it took to finally arrive home... she would smile at us with those gleaming eyes and remind us again... just in case we forgot the way... "Go home!"  Yes, baby...it's true!  We're going HOME!

Just 7 days after walking into that hospital for life-saving surgery... we were walking out with our precious treasure!  We still have a long way to go on this healing journey, but we've had a wonderful start and are so happy to round the next turn and find HOME waiting for us!  

So many people are celebrating your life today Rachel Hope!  WELCOME HOME!   


  1. It has been a gift to share this piece of Rachel's life with you through your words.. Right now in am on the 7th floor of Children's in MSP, watching my little treasure sleep peacefully after a God filled day! If all goes well, she will be home tomorrow.... More surgery to follow.. We give thanks for round one! Praising God for your miracle!!


  2. What a joy it has been to follow your journey and see that you are going home so soon. Praise be to God for His indescribable gifts! Hoping and praying for continued health and healing in the days ahead.

  3. Rachel is a gift from God and I am so happy to be following your journey! I praise Him in His glory for all He has done for Rachel. May you enjoy every moment with this beautiful miracle!

  4. So happy for Rachel and for all your family. Enjoy these days at HOME!!! I´m sure she has missed her HOME a lot.



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