Once upon a time...

a beautiful princess named Cinderella attended the magical ball... Everything about that evening was a most unlikely, unexpected, dream come true!  She had been asked to dance with Prince Charming!  She was certain that he'd enjoyed the dance as much as she had and they'd both been carried away by the beautiful magic of the moment they'd dreamed of for a life-time.  So much so, that Cinderella forgot!  She'd been so excited about her last minute invitation to the ball that she hardly heard what the fairy godmother had said before she was hurried away to the most beautiful night of her life... But then... the clock struck midnight! And what had begun as a fairy tale come true, suddenly became a very bad dream.  With each strike of the clock...everything melted away!  The beautiful carriage returned to it's pumpkin past... and those horses that drew the carriage?... they became mice scurrying about...

Such was the fate of little Princess Rachel Hope!  She too, had been selected for this occasion in the most unlikely way... Who would choose HER to go?  But someone did, and dreamy it was... more than she'd ever imagined!  But then... the clock struck midnight!  And what had begun as a fairy tale pain-free night come true, suddenly became a very bad dream for Princess Rachel.  The carriage of morphine that had been sent to carry her into a dream filled night of sleep, suddenly returned to a useless pumpkin!  And the beautiful doctors and nurses that had delivered her safely to the ball, suddenly scurried away and could not be found...

What is a Princess to do???  Why, she should call for her Mommy!  And that Mommy will jump into action at the mere sign of any pain.  She will run out into the hallway and holler for people as if trying to catch a taxi cab!  She will push the magic red button on the hospital bed TV remote and demand that someone come help her little girl and do it NOW!!!  She will beg and plead with King Jesus himself to rescue her!... and King Jesus ALWAYS does!  Tonight he rounded up the strongest medications known to man... only the best for the Princess He loves so deeply.  He provided them through the IV carriage and almost instantly, the pain slipped slowly, gloriously... away!  And when all was finally said and done, the dreamy night that had begun like every fairy tale should, ended even more gloriously than before!  And Princess Rachel slept in sweet peace for the entire pain-free night!   All thanks to you King Jesus for coming to her rescue, 'cause her Mommy's heart was breaking! 

A peaceful night, swept into "forever after" land...


  1. What a beautiful way of telling this story! You have a wonderful way with words! So glad she has a MOMMY to call out to now! Praying for God's continued healing in the days ahead.

  2. Geesh!!! You scared me there for a minute!!!
    Hope you got some sleep, too.
    Loved the story!!
    You are awesome. : )

    LOVE YOU!!

  3. Thank You, King Jesus! So thankful for the meds He has given man knowledge to make! So thankful for the QUICK way morphine works! So immensely thankful for a pain-free sleepy night!

    So thankful she has an advocate by her side 24/7. What a blessing!

    Hope you can sleep too, mommy! Sleep when you can; it'll be a marathon.

  4. Love what you wrote :)

    Prayers from N. FL. coming down your way for her complete healing :)

    God Bless,
    Lee Ann

  5. So glad she has Jesus and a mommy to be right by her side through all of this!
    Praying for a quick and great recovery!

  6. I read through the last seven days of blogs. What a journey! Praise be to God for this unspeakable gift.

    I'm enjoying reading and gaining insights into your heart and passion for this precious child.

    She is blessed beyond measure. I'm praying God's healing hand will be on her.

    Thanks for sharing! I'm praying for you and your whole family.


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