Immeasurably more Update #2...

12:00 PM~  Two hours and they have finally made their way to her heart, have started by-pass, and are going to work!  How I long to be in that operating room to witness the miracle first hand!  God's all sufficient power is at work!...  The goosebumps and resulting inch long hair on my legs remind me on a moment by moment basis how wonderful our Lord is in finally bringing Rachel to this place...


  1. Praying that My God almighty, the Creator is there every step of the way. Pls. keep the updates coming.

  2. Glad to read the updates! I would love to know what surgery she is having. Love the Daddy/Daughter picture! I remember well what a long day surgery day was, but God's strength is amazing! Praying you through!

  3. Praying here for sweet Rachel, for her doctors and nurses, and for your family!


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