"Hope deferred...

    makes the heart grow sick..."

Today's news will be short and not so sweet, as I have a little 7 year old girl that desperately wants to celebrate her arrival HOME from the hospital last night.  I will try to share more details later today!...  

Sadly, what began as such happy, hopeful news for Rachel's heart, after her initial echocardiogram, was followed with some really disappointing findings in her chest X-ray and MRI.  The lead cardiologist said that in all of his years of medical practice with CHD kids, he has never seen a more "complicated" heart.  He is astounded that Rachel has survived this long.  Unfortunately, the life-saving surgery that Rachel needs can ONLY be performed if there has not been too much damage to her lungs while she has waited to finally come home...

Rachel's chest X-ray and MRI results were not promising and the cardiologists now fear that Rachel is inoperable.  A heart catheterization as been scheduled for next Wednesday (Oct 5) to determine how much damage has been done, and if it is too late for her to have the open heart surgery she needs.  

The doctors determined that the best thing to do was to send Rachel home this weekend, as she was grieving terribly for her new home with "Baba" (Daddy).  It was an emotionally packed few days for her, after thinking that the hospital was actually her new home --- and one that she did NOT like! This was one of the most heart breaking things I have ever witnessed and I could not wait to walk back into our front door late last night... In some ways I think spending 5 days at home before going to Gainesville was a real blessing... but after hours of puppy like crying and pleading to "go home to Baba", I wondered...   And yet, this precious child has FINALLY experienced the matchless love of a Mommy and Daddy and she doesn't ever want to look back!  How blessed we are to have been chosen by God to be the fulfillment of a precious child's dreams of "home".

Ultimately, Rachel's HOPE and HOME are with Christ, and yesterday's disappointing prognosis can not change that!  Doug and I are at perfect peace, and sense the all sufficiency of God's grace more than ever before.  We are resting, knowing that He will be glorified through whatever He chooses to do in and through Rachel's life...

We do ask that you would join us in praying for a miracle!  We fully believe that God can heal Rachel's lungs... and ultimately her heart and are asking Him for that, as our heart's desire is to have the privilege of sharing a long life with our precious new daughter.  HOPE is still fully alive... even though temporarily "deferred"!

We are experiencing "immeasurably more" grace than we could even imagine and are grateful that Rachel's future rests securely in His hands...


  1. Such an amazing blessing for Rachel to have found out what a loving home and family means:) We are praying right along with you...

    Lisa Murphy @ family

  2. I have been thinking about Rachel and Praying for her, as well. And, I will continue to pray for a miracle...that her lungs will be healthy enough for surgery to be done. I love your sweet girl and long to see her thrive and live the life that Jesus has planned for her! Praying for Mommy and Daddy, too! Hugs from MN.! ~ Jo

  3. I am praying now for your family and sweet Rachel. God knows EXACTLY what he is doing and he has all based covered as I know you are very aware. He does however call us to pray together and lift our hopes to him so that is what I will do!! Blessings to your family!!

  4. Not many words to share but please know that I am praying for the God of HOPE to heal and also peace!

  5. Just read your message on the WC yahoo group. Oh yes I will pray for a miracle!!! -Melissa

  6. This is exactly where we are, in the center of God's will. Either way, we will pray for Rachel. Love and peace from Joshua's family.

  7. Prayers coming from another mom who has witnessed HIS miracles to my heart baby girl from China. He is able and we pray that your family will experience the same miracles.

  8. Praying for Rachel's miracle...our sweet girl is still in China with similar circumstances.

  9. Lori, I have been thinking about Rachel all weekend. I hope she enjoyed her time at HOME! I am praying that the cath goes well tomorrow. If you need anything while you are in Gainesville please give me a call @ 281-795-3386. Keep me updated! -Liza Codd


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