Home to stay!...

Life-saving open heart surgery ~ check
Intubation tube removed ~ check
Catheter removed ~ check
Chest drainage tubes removed ~ check
Arterial IV line removed ~ check
IV line (left arm) removed ~ check
Every nasty drug know to man by mouth ~ check
Blood drawn from right foot ~ check
Blood draw from left foot (failed) ~ check
Blood draw from right arm ~ check
Nasal canula disconnected ~ check
Oxygen SAT level of 75 or higher ~ check!
All done with a smile from Rachel and even some laughter~ check!!!!  

Going HOME to stay ~ praying for Monday!  (update:  it looks like Tuesday morning will be the big occasion! - exactly one week!)

While doing flashcards with Rachel today, in order to help her learn the names of very common objects, I came to the word "house" with the picture of a little cottage looking home below...  Rachel smiled big as if to say..."I've got this one!"...  "Go home!!!"  

To a little girl that has never known the love of "home"... that fairy tale cottage on a card said so much more than a house... it meant "home", and that's where she is going!  HOME!!!  Hoping all goes as planned and we are reunited as a family with our precious Rachel sometime tomorrow (Monday) afternoon!  

Rachel's surgeon, Dr Bleiweis, said that her recovery from surgery is "astounding!"  Rachel is astounding!  But even more astounding is the God who formed her little heart... has preserved it for this day... and has the all-sufficient grace to bring her hope and to BRING HER HOME!!!

Daddy's back to take me HOME!

 "Butterfly, Butterfly, Eskimo... a kiss and a hug before Daddy goes!"
Have carriage for Bunny and Baby ~ 
will travel! 


  1. Lori:

    I have been praying for Rachel. Seeing the photos of the folks from the Chinese church who came to visit/talk with Rachel made me cry. God is so big. I remember reading your posts on one of the online groups, saying that the doctors thought Rachel to be inoperable. Now, her recovery is "astounding". Thank you for following His voice and letting His glory be shown through precious Rachel and your family.

    With care and prayers from Michigan,

    Jane Klingenberg

  2. How miraculous is our God and how deep is His love for us! Thanking Him for Rachel's amazing recovery...

    Blessings to you all!


  3. So wonderful to see her walking around!!

  4. She looks amazing! Praising God with you all.

  5. Seriously astounding!!!! Praise God for your amazing story that you have been given to share!!! Her smile tells it all!!!!!!! I can only imagine the hearts that are being changed at that hospital!!! It's so amazing!!!!

    This offers so much hope for Elisyn today and beyond too!!!! And, I don't know if you have connected with Mary S. in AZ yet.. But, their precious Ivy needs to get home too...

    I will never ever tire of watching God's miracles unfold!!! Thank you for your beautiful words and for sharing your daughter!!! She is so precious!!!

    Hugs from MN,

  6. Oh, Lori, she looks AMAZING! What an incredible story! Holding beautiful Rachel and all of you in my prayers as you GO HOME!!




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