We Gotcha Sweet Rachel!

I'm not sure there's words for the "moments" of today!  Only that God does so much immeasurably more than I've EVER imagined before, and I'm embarrassed that my faith is so weak.  He's proven Himself faithful time and time again, and TODAY immeasurably more faithful than I've ever known Him before!  We saw Rachel the moment we got off the elevator at the civil affairs building.  She was sitting in an office waiting.  She was wearing the outfit I'd sent for her birthday... and she looked oh, so precious!  It seemed as though she recognized us and began peeking over the back of the chair, waving.  I snuck a little candy to her before we were ushered down the hall for I don't know how many more pieces of paperwork before they would formally introduce us to her.  How many times do I have to tell the very same people my name, my birthdate, my address, the embarrassing fact that I am "only" a high-school graduate and a "home maker"????  Geezy, Wheezy!  Just bring me that little girl of mine!  

FINALLY she was brought into the room and ushered straight into our hearts and her forever family!  I could try to describe what took place inside that crowded conference room, but there is no language known to man that could do it "justice"!  I am shocked and saddened that this precious little girl could have been left alone for so long... could have struggled with a broken heart without a Mommy and Daddy to care... to hold her... to tuck her in at night... It is suddenly so clear why throughout scripture the Lord says that His heart beats passionately for such as these.  Rachel is precious... oh, SO precious!  She is trusting and loving, and her giggle makes time stand still!  Every time she catches your eye, the edges of her mouth curl at the ends as if she is holding back a smile.  Oh my... I could go on all night, but all you really want is the photos... I know!  I've been on the "reading" end of so many blogs dreaming of today!  Hang in there Mama's!  Days like today make every heart ache, every piece of paperwork, every delay, every dime you've spent... worth it ALL!  God is still in the miracle making business!... I know... because I witnessed one TODAY!  :-)

Tonight, at the close of this dreamy day, Doug picked up Rachel out of her little bed, tucked in between Kate and Ellie, because he couldn't bear putting her to sleep without rocking and holding her first...  She nestled onto his shoulder, stroked his face, and hands, and had the sweetest look of peace and utter delight on her face.  When I leaned over to say goodnight, she took my face and pulled me close... smiled that priceless little smile and hugged me as if she might never let go...  Oh Lord,  it boggles my mind that you would trust me with such a treasure... May I be found faithful in tending your precious, little flock!


  1. YAY!! WOO HOO!! The tears are flowing here! Happy tears for all of you! LOVE the picture of her holding her doll and the 2nd to last picture of almost all of you- how happy she is! God is good! Can't wait to read and see more!! SO HAPPY FOR YOUR WHOLE FAMILY!

  2. So awesome to see her with you! She is truly a beauty.
    I noticed her clubbed fingers in the photos...my son Joseph has very clubbed fingers when we got him. It is a sign of oxygen deprivation. Praise GOD you are there for her...I can't wait to follow her journey home and to health!
    Kelly Rumbaugh

  3. Oh Lori!!!!! I am crying too!!!!! Praise HIM!!!! Oh my gosh, Lori, what you wrote about your precious child just makes my heart sing!!! Like Brooke, I love the picture of her holding and look at her new doll, like she is just in awe! The description of her stroking your hubby's face and holding you tight - well - tears!!!!!!! WOW! How great is our God!!!!! I am just SO happy for you all!!

  4. She is absolutely, BEAUTIFUL!!!! Lori, Rachel had not beed adopted just yet, because she was waiting for YOUR family...God chose you to be a family, while she was in her mother's womb. Such a precious fit for your beautiful family!!

    Thank you for allowing us all to following along with you on this blessed journey!

    Sharee Moore

  5. Be. Still. My. Heart. How precious!

    I will continue to pray for you and your family as many new adjustments and adventures are on their way. God bless you, Dear One.

    Rejoicing with you and standing in awe along with you!

  6. PRAISE THE LORD for His miracles :)

    I am tearing up in the middle of the school library. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment with me, Mrs. McCary! Our God is so good!!

    Give Rachel a big hug from me. I can't wait to meet her next month :)

    Praying for your safe return to the states.


    Sarah Ruth Boyer

  7. It is so remarkable to watch how God forms families! Rachel is beautiful and I love the picture of all 5 of you with her in the middle. All that family love surrounding her.... Praise God for watching over her and making sure that she got into your loving arms. My daughter looked just like that when we adopted her and after surgery she did great. God is doing miracles every second of every day. Happy tears here too!

    Maggie Weik
    Mom to 7 precious daughters from China

  8. HOORAY!!!!!! :) Praise God!!! So happy to see your sweet little girl with you!! And the girls all together. FINALLY!!! Cannot WAIT for Kamp next summer!!! :)

  9. Beautiful girl in a beautiful family!!! Love you guys and so happy for you!!!

  10. Happy Gotcha Day for all of you. Another blessing comes home.

  11. I am absolutely thrilled for you all. We are also a GWCA family and are beyond thrilled that Rachel has found her most perfect amazing family! The pure joy in her face is unmistakeable!

  12. Lori,

    So very happy for you! I'm on the advocates group and wanted to come share in your excitement today! Thanks for sharing your journey! Rachel is beautiful!!



  13. So happy for you all! Makes all the waiting well worth it! I'm saying that mostly for me :) Thanks for sharing with all of us!

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  15. What a beautiful family- tears of joy for you all. Don't "know" you but thru the ties of Christ (& Karen Farhart!)but sooo rejoicing in this day with you all! Safe travels to home for you all!

  16. Obviously crying with joy for you- thanks for sharing with those of us still waiting for our baby. I'm praying that the bonding will continue this well.

    And don't ever let anyone make you feel inferior for "only" completing high school. God given wisdom that comes from seeking Him will always serve you better than any other type of knowledge.

  17. So very happy for your family. I just clicked on your blog when checking emails and I have read all through it! I followed your adoption journeys to Kate and Ella while we were waiting on our Madeline, adopted in 2007. We were also a my adoption website family:) I am so thrilled to see it is your family adopting Rachel. We are with GWCA now and I have prayed over her!!! for her family!!! crazy....just the way God likes to work:) We just sent our loi in for our sweet Lily Jane, 3, imperforate anus, with a scary file. We know she is ours! Our family will be praying for you all!!!!!! Paige Wright

  18. I love your blog. I can't wait to show my daughter your blog and gotcha day photos tomorrow when she is awake. I adopted my daughter in Nov and she turned 4 in Dec so they were probably in the same room...

    Congratulations on your day today and may the rest of your trip go as smoothly!

  19. Oh my goodness, your 8 year old photographer did a fabulous job!!!!!
    My name is Diana and I am a first time visitor.. Sent here by one of my BFF's.. Mom to 3 China beauties.. One that could be your 7 year old's twin!! One sentence in about your sweet Rachel and God had me smiling through my tears.. What a blessing to see you answer God's call to bring Rachel home!!!! I see He is showering your with blessings already!!! Congratulations! ~Diana (who was just in Jiangsu one month ago!)


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