Bible Story time with Daddy...

A most important "first" for our newest princess!  Only a video could do it justice!


  1. Lori, thank you so much for letting the rest of us follow your journey to Rachel! It is the highlight of my day to check in and see how you guys are becoming a family. That one picture of her, I think a day after you got her, she is sitting on the bed in the hotel with the most incredible smile on her was the most wonderfully "right" thing I have ever seen, it was like God came down, picked her up and placed her right there with her family and she knew it deep inside. Ok, now to be totally frivolous, I am going to Wuhan in a few weeks to get our girl and I love the wheeled bags that your girls each had in the airport. Any chance you got them online somewhere? I would love to buy one for my little one! I couldn't find your email on your blog but I included mine below. Keep on posting, I am new at this and the mommy blogs are where I learn!
    You and your family are loved by many and in our prayers!


  2. What bible story book is that? I'd love to get a copy too for my little family. (I've been following the "His Hands, His Feet" blog to Joshua and found a delightful link to here.)

  3. How precious!!!!! I love in the end she is leaning on her daddy's chest. Such love! I got a picture of our Heavenly Father and us!

  4. Okay, tears in my keyboard! What a sweet, sweet video of the Great Love our God has for His Kids, shown through a wonderful Daddy and three Precious Daughters! Love your family! ~ Jo


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