I don't know who started it, but I like it!  "Red Couch" photos are an adoption tradition!  I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to celebrate such a tradition for the third time!

Here's to our precious Rachel's Red Couch photos~

God sets the lonely in families!

"Red Couch" Photo Memories~  Take One: Kate ~ 2004  (Oh mylanta!  It appears I've reused the same bow 7 years later!!!  :-)

Take Two: Ellie ~ 2006

God has been so incredibly good to me!


  1. What a precious trio you have, Lori! They are all just darling. LOVE that sassy red bow!

    So happy for all of you! :)

  2. My blog post today was a request for our friends who are following our adoption journey to pray for Rachel. Just wanted you to know that fellow believers whom you have never met have been touched by your posts and are praying for Rachel's understand of the Gospel and for her physical healing as well.

  3. You have the most beautiful girls!! The pictures are just spectacular! LOVED them all! LOVE how HAPPY Rachel is! :)

  4. LOVE it Lori!!!!! What beautiful girls you have! You are just so incredibly blessed! I was just talking to Kim Jackson tonight about you all and she was telling me what a sweet family you are!!!! Kim and I are having regular "adoption chats" here in town. I have LOVED getting to know her and she thinks the world of you all!


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