I believe in bribery!

"Smarties" are Rachel's favorite!  I have a stash of them that I use at random moments to try to show her in a way that she understands, that I love her!  As her mother, I will feed her those things she needs.  But it thrills me to also give her the things she loves, because that's what makes her smile! (and oh,  how that smile lights up a room!)  I want to let her know that I am a giver of good gifts and she can trust me to give her things for her enjoyment simply because I love her...

Still, tonight as I went to tuck her into bed, I pulled back the covers to discover a package of Smarties.  She giggled when she realized that she had been caught "red-handed"!  This didn't surprise me, as I've become well educated in the things little, former orphans like to stash underneath their pillows!  Somewhere deep within they have decided that they must stash sweet "treats" away for themselves.  Sadly, they have   learned that if they do not take for themselves, they will not enjoy such simple pleasures of life that flow from loving parents.  This breaks my heart!

But how many times have I stashed away good things for myself because I wondered if God really loved me enough to give me such good gifts?  In the long run, I missed the blessing of His sweet provision, because I simply couldn't believe that He loved me that much!

Rachel is just a little girl and she has so much to learn about what it means to have a family that will love her and care for her needs... and, yes, even her "wants" when it fits within the boundaries of her ultimate good.  Maybe we can learn a little bit about this thing called "trust" together!  How grateful I am to have a Daddy who delights in lavishing His love on me in such "sweet", tangible ways!  No more "stashing"... His gifts are better!

"Every good and perfect gift is from above..."


  1. I love these photos!!! Keep them coming :)

    And! Kate's tooth is finally through---!!! Of course the dental hygienist notices lol

  2. i LOVE how you make everything into a daily devotion!!!
    there IS a book in the future!! and i want a personally signed copy. : )

    LOVE YOU!!

  3. Beautiful pics my friend!! Can't wait to meet that sweet girl!!! Are you thinking you will go home first? What is her O2 sat looking like? John gets JJ in an hour and a half!!! Keep blogging! Love, love, love your inspiring words!!

  4. Precious!! These pictures radiate with joy and I am blessed to be able to tag along! :)


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