Our "immeasurable" God!

"The condition for a miracle is difficulty. But for a great miracle ...it's impossibility!"
And we're off... to China! Doug and I have witnessed a miracle that only God could have orchestrated!  We've simply had the privilege of being a part of it!  Just last weekend we were $17,600. short of the funds we needed to travel this week and get our precious Rachel home.  Yet we've seen God provide so immeasurably so many times... we simply could not doubt that He would once again accomplish what appeared "impossible" to us! I guess you could say that we weren't "surprised" by His provision, but overwhelmed and awed to witness such a beautiful miracle on behalf of a precious orphan half a world away...  Surely God's heart for this sweet girl is unmistakable!  

We finally got the long awaited phone call from GWCA that our TA had arrived!  We were cleared to leave Jacksonville in less than 48 hours...  That is, of course, as long as we had the funds to do so!  God was not surprised by the timing of our approval!  By Tuesday evening we had EVERY DIME we needed to go!  By Wednesday, Doug had the rather large provision in his hands in perfect American dollar bills!  We have shouted, hugged, cried, felt incredibly humbled, the hair on my legs has grown at least an inch (in case you're wondering... from goose bumps!), and now...

I am typing from our hotel room in Shanghai, China!   "Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or think...  To HIM be the glory!!!"

"First Class" treatment for the Birthday Princess!  Are you rich...you might ask!  Yes... rich in the Lord!  And blessed to be "buddies" of a special pilot we call "Joe".  I like to say that God is "showing off"!  Wouldn't you agree?  :-)

We brought some special "old" friends along for the journey too!

Many of you reading my blog were a part of God's abundant provision to bring Rachel home... I pray that you are blessed and your faith is increased in seeing our incredible God on display!  Please pray mightily this weekend...  the butterflies are moving in and setting up residence in my stomach as the moment I've longed for draws near... I always think that I won't be nervous "this time", but meeting a scared little stranger who's never known the love of a family never comes without it's share of jitters and even though I feel scared "silly", I also know that it will be one of the most special memories of my lifetime and I want to savor it!  A skype with our "house sitters" (aka Russ and Steph) informed us that several more financial blessings have arrived in our mailbox since we left two days ago... Since I'm being so honest here, I'll even admit that makes me "nervous"... Wait a minute, God... we have all we need right now!  But I also know that God knows all that lies ahead and may be gently reminding us of His immeasurable provision for Rachel's sweet heart.  This will be a long journey.  His grace will supply everything we need to honor Him through it.  Pray that we will walk into this unknown place with great confidence in our incredible God...


  1. YOU are IN CHINA!!!!!!

    I am SO excited for you guys AND Rachel!!!
    I'm also excited that I'm HERE and YOU"RE there!!! : )
    Now, SKYPE me ASAP!! I'm having withdrawals!!

    LOVE YOU!!

  2. Ooooooo SO excited!! Blog! Blog everyday minute of the day!! I want to hear everything!!!!!

  3. Now I also have goosebumps and long legs hairs! God is so good!


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