Selfie Fun...

With full disclosure I must admit that I hate the new selfie culture!!!  Never have we been more focused on ourselves and the ability to take endless instant photos of ourselves that we can share with everyone we know via social media so that they can look at us too!  This is pure craziness!!!

While on a cable car over the mountains outside Hong Kong, we had the distinct privilege of sharing the ride with a teen girl who primped and polished herself to perfection and then proceeded to take selfie, after selfie, after selfie of herself for her adoring public.  She was so engrossed in herself that she didn't notice the nine other riders witnessing the entire event in unbelief!  Someone help me!!!!

While we were in Shanghai, visiting the Ancient City, we discovered that the latest craze on the tourist market is something they call a "selfie stick"!  Sellers of these contraptions came from every direction and tried to pawn theirs off on me for "the best price" in town.  Time for some investigation as to what this thing was and why I might want one!  OK... maybe these thingies are a little bit cool!  I'm pretty certain my "yuppy device" generation kids would think so!

I must swallow hard before I type this.  Here goes...  I bought three selfie sticks.  THREE.  How embarrassing!  I am now offically contributing to the prevailing selfie insanity, including the one in my own home!  This purchase will forever allow my preteen girls to take photos of themselves from every angle and at any distance they choose within the selfie stick's extended length, with a simple click of a button!  What has become of me?

Since I had already lost all my sensibilities in this area and spent money to further its' cause- I decided to just go with it.  I had no desire for a single photo of myself, but I was pretty smitten with a little someone who rather liked taking selfies.  If a simple selfie brought a smile to my hurting girl, I was all in!

So then, with no further ado...

Selfie Fun with Rebekah~


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