The gift of a year! Remembering that blessed day today...

We Gotcha Sweet Rachel!

I'm not sure there's words for the "moments" of today!  Only that God does so much immeasurably more than I've EVER imagined before, and I'm embarrassed that my faith is so weak.  He's proven Himself faithful time and time again, and TODAY immeasurably more faithful than I've ever known Him before!  We saw Rachel the moment we got off the elevator at the civil affairs building.  She was sitting in an office waiting.  She was wearing the outfit I'd sent for her birthday... and she looked oh, so precious!  It seemed as though she recognized us and began peeking over the back of the chair, waving.  I snuck a little candy to her before we were ushered down the hall for I don't know how many more pieces of paperwork before they would formally introduce us to her.  How many times do I have to tell the very same people my name, my birthdate, my address, the embarrassing fact that I am "only" a high-school graduate and a "home maker"????  Geezy, Wheezy!  Just bring me that little girl of mine!  

FINALLY she was brought into the room and ushered straight into our hearts and her forever family!  I could try to describe what took place inside that crowded conference room, but there is no language known to man that could do it "justice"!  I am shocked and saddened that this precious little girl could have been left alone for so long... could have struggled with a broken heart without a Mommy and Daddy to care... to hold her... to tuck her in at night... It is suddenly so clear why throughout scripture the Lord says that His heart beats passionately for such as these.  Rachel is precious... oh, SO precious!  She is trusting and loving, and her giggle makes time stand still!  Every time she catches your eye, the edges of her mouth curl at the ends as if she is holding back a smile.  Oh my... I could go on all night, but all you really want is the photos... I know!  I've been on the "reading" end of so many blogs dreaming of today!  Hang in there Mama's!  Days like today make every heart ache, every piece of paperwork, every delay, every dime you've spent... worth it ALL!  God is still in the miracle making business!... I know... because I witnessed one TODAY!  :-)

Tonight, at the close of this dreamy day, Doug picked up Rachel out of her little bed, tucked in between Kate and Ellie, because he couldn't bear putting her to sleep without rocking and holding her first...  She nestled onto his shoulder, stroked his face, and hands, and had the sweetest look of peace and utter delight on her face.  When I leaned over to say goodnight, she took my face and pulled me close... smiled that priceless little smile and hugged me as if she might never let go...  Oh Lord,  it boggles my mind that you would trust me with such a treasure... May I be found faithful in tending your precious, little flock!


Oh, the difference a year makes!  So many miracles.....  Still can't believe she's mine!


  1. She is one beautiful, loved little girl!!! We pray here is TN for her health all the time!!

  2. Love, love, love reliving Rachel's Gotcha Day. She is one beautiful, blessed girl. She waited a long time, but boy...the McCary family sure was worth the wait, I'm sure. More love than one could ever ask for:) Love your special family...God bless:)

  3. I can't believe it's been a year. And at times it seems it's been years!!!
    I agree....the difference a year makes!
    Love you and miss you guys!

  4. I'm a new follower here. Found your blog through the adoption blog hop. And so glad I did. A. Maz. Zing what a year of time does. And how He plans so much more than we could possible imaging. Luv the name of your blog.
    nancy-of the crazy 9


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