One Year Ago Today... Gotcha Eve

The moment we've all been waiting for... almost at hand!  It's the "almost" part that is almost killing me!  And that illusive...long dreamed for...spent thousands for (sounds like a wedding, doesn't it)...lost sleep for... magical "moment" seems to be near killing this 40 something year old body tonight.  We have the clothes chosen and laid out for the entire family.  We must look good!... After all, this "moment" will be forever memorialized through photos and video clips.  You simply can't get THIS one wrong!  The camera is packed and ready to go, along with an extra battery... just in case.  The video camera has been charged and checked over.  The 7 year old videographer has received in depth training in the "Flip"s use.  More importantly, the 8 year old photographer for tomorrows most important occasion has been brushed up as best she can on photo taking of life's most important events.... I've decided that should this not go well.... my now 7 and 8 year olds just might need therapy!  Such pressure to perform could nearly ruin an otherwise emotionally happy child!  :-)  Paperwork- Check;  Passports- Check;  Camera- Check;  Video camera- Check;  A good nights sleep tonight - I don't think so!!! 

And with all the preparations of the past several months and now the final moments of count down to Rachel for this special "moment"... The truth is that it is just that... a moment!  A beautiful one, but a "moment" none the less.  In the end, it is all the moments following the big "moment" that God will use to weave His beautiful redemption story in the life of a little girl named Rachel Hope.  But tomorrow morning's "moment" is the first moment of many more to come-  the moment when a little girl named Zhao Chun Piao is no longer an orphan but a beloved daughter-  the moment when her mommy whispers "I love you" in her ear and she understands that she doesn't have to make life work alone anymore-  the moment when her daddy spins her around the room like a princess and she realizes that some fairy tales really do come true-  and the moment when, for the first time in her young life she hears the name of Jesus and finally understands what it really means to be loved!  Yes... it's just a moment... but it's a really important one and I honestly can't believe that it is one the Lord has allowed this Mommy to be a part of...  Thank you Lord Jesus!  It is, and will forever be, one of the greatest privileges of my life!  May your heart for the orphans shine brightly through me in this MOMENT!


  1. Tears and chills! I LOVE imagining Rachel's excitement that day AND yours! Praying for Rachel! -Jamie and Doug Becker


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