JOY has come!...

As I sit here and type in the early, early hours of Christmas morning, tunes from my favorite Christmas carols roll around in my head.   I've sang most of them since before I can even remember... and yet, strangely, the words are suddenly new and filled with meaning...   

"Joy to the world...

the LORD is come!
Let earth receive her KING!
Let every HEART, Prepare HIM room..."                                                                                       

Did you catch that?  The Lord came and brought JOY with Him!  But in order to know that joy, we must make room in our hearts for Him to reign as Lord and King!  What a wonderful time Christmas is to do that!... Make room for Him.  So often my heart is crowded by too many other things to "make room" for Him.  Sadly, I might have more in common with the innkeeper than I'd like to admit...  "Sorry God, my heart is full!  But maybe you could find some room out back!"  In fairness to the innkeeper-  He had no idea who he was turning away that night!  But most of us do!!!  Forgive me, Lord.  Change my heart so that there is always room enough for YOU!  I can already feel it overflowing with JOY!  Joy to the world... the LORD is come!  

Oh, come let us adore Him!  
Oh, come let us adore Him!  
Oh, come let us adore Him... Christ the Lord!

Our Christmas tree was filled with my favorite things this year!

Yes... those are sharks teeth on our Christmas tree!

Can you see it?  We even have sea glass garland on the tree!!!
...and sand, of course!

I think it was my favorite tree ever!!!... and the Christmas boxes never left my garage!  We just have to return my favorite things to their rightful places and drag the tree out the back door!  Wa La!

Oh, Holy night, the stars are brightly shining.  It is the night of our dear Saviors birth.  Long lay the world in sin and error pining, 'til He appeared and the soul felt it's worth.  A thrill of HOPE, the weary world rejoices, for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.  Fall on your knees!  Oh, hear the angel's voices.  Oh night divine.  Oh, night, when Christ was born.  Oh, night divine!  Oh, night... Oh, Holy night!

Rachel was honored to not only dance, 
but to be a beneficiary of The Nutcracker performance this year! 

In the midst of the holiday chaos, I'm afraid that the HOPE Christ brought through His birth and ultimate death are nearly forgotten.  And if that's true... there's little need for celebration!  But if it's really true that Jesus was indeed the promised Savior, it is past time we join the shepherds and wise men on our knees before Him!  Have I been so struck this season, by the overwhelming knowledge that Jesus came for my weary, pining heart that the only fitting response is to fall on my knees and worship?  For the sake of truthfulness and authenticity, I will have to admit that I have not.... no, not once.  But fall on my knees I shall do!  Because He is so incredibly, immeasurably WORTH my absolute knee-bowing honor and praise!...

Emmanuel!  Emmanuel!  

Wonderful Counselor, 
Lord of Life, Lord of all; 
He is the Prince of Peace, 
Mighty God, 
Holy One,.... 
Emmanuel!  Emmanuel!

 Emmanuel ~ "God with us"  We're talking about the God of the universe choosing to come and live among us.  And who is this God that wants to be with you and me?  He's a wonderful counselor.  He's the Lord of LIFE!  He's Lord of ALL!  He reigns over PEACE!  He is mighty and holy!  ALL of THAT living here with us!  If that doesn't lead you to fall to your knees in adoration, I suppose nothing can....  But if I'm learning anything along the path of parenting a critically ill child, it is this~ Time for LIVING is short!  Far too short to waste it with good intentions, or with putting off until tomorrow, (or next Christmas), what needs to be done TODAY!  Won't you join my family as each of us falls to our knees in absolute adoration and proclaims Jesus Christ to be the Lord He is?!?!

Here are a few of our favorite family photos from our very cold and windy "set"!  For some reason every time it's picture day, the wind gets the memo and starts stirring up trouble!  Go figure!  Either way- it was a fun filled hour of capturing this precious time in the life of our family!

We covet your prayers for our family as we learn to love, honor, and adore the Lord Jesus 
in the ways He is most deserving of!



  1. Oh girl! I love that tree!!! I'm such a beach girl :) How awesome for Rachel to be a part of the Nutcracker this year!!! Love you girl...miss you!!

  2. What an honest, "touch me to the core" blog post! And, deep, Lori, very Deep... in a Good and Holy way. You made me stop and think about how I do (and, don't) always honor Him. I need more of Him in my life. Thank You. I've actually read this post before, but I read it again tonight, on the cusp of a New Year. hmmm... I'm thinking my heart wasn't open to hear the message I heard, when I read it before.
    Your Christmas tree WAS beautiful! Really? You live close to all of that beauty hanging on those branches? You are Blessed!
    I was lying in bed today, looking through the books you sent. I really do appreciate that you chose to Gift me with them. My only gifts this year, but more than enough! I have so, so much to be Thankful for. Thanks, again, for thinking of me! I treasure your kindness and the friendship we have. Please, know that I pray for you, as you Mother your daughters. I know how difficult the wait and unanswered questions you must have, regarding Rachel's heart. It will come. God is Good, All the time. He's got your girl in the Palm of His Hand. Love to you and your family. ~ Jo


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