A special gift...

I've received some pretty awesome gifts in my lifetime!  In fact, if you've read the archives of this blog, you know that my Ellie was one of them!  That sweet surprise from my hubby would be hard to beat, but this year's gift from my son Ryan would be a close second!  Watch and I think you'll understand why!


  1. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!! Such a joy to watch!

  2. Yep! I would say that comes in at a close second to Doug's Christmas present a few years ago!!
    Good Job, Ryan!! I love it!!

    We are gearing up for the McCary invasion in just 11 days!!!!
    Can't wait to be outnumbered by all the sweet Chinese that will be going on around here!!!
    Miss you!

  3. That is absolutely priceless! What a precious, precious, precious gift--much like the three stars of the show! :) Beautiful God stories!

    Blessings ~


  4. Just beautiful- God has used your family mightily for sure!

  5. What a precious gift from Ryan. I loved having a glimpse into your life and can't wait to see how God unfolds the rest of your story.

  6. What an amazing gift. You have a gorgeous family! I pray your sweet Rachel gets her new heart soon.


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