Daddy's Princess...

Tonight, while shopping at Target, the girls were given the opportunity to choose one of the many choices of bubble bath for themselves.  There were all the typical Disney characters... Woody and Buzz Lightyear, the Power Rangers, Sponge Bob Square Pants... But the only one for our girl laden home was, of course, the princesses! What pure delight such a simple thing like bubble bath brings to our precious new 7 year old!  Rachel would hold this prize personally until it was time to check out...  She sat in the cart and admired the bottle in her hands...  "Oh, so pretty!  Look Mommy!", she exclaimed in perfect English, as she pointed to one of the beautiful blondes on the bottle... "Snoring Beauty!"

What can I say?  I'm a 47 year old Mom that is teaching my young daughter that even snoring Sleeping Beauties (that would be me!) can be princesses!  I must be doing something right!  :-) 

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